Steve Ritchie

I first met Steve Ritchie when he was a teacher in a country town in Queensland. He enrolled for a graduate degree in science education at the Western Australian Institute of Technology and I was his advisor up until the time I left for the United States in 1987. Since then we have remained friends and colleagues. He has visited me on sabbatical leaves at Florida State University and the University of Pennsylvania. In addition, when he was a staff member at James Cook University I briefly visited the campus to foster our collaborative activities.

When Steve moved to QUT we continued our collaborative activities.I have an adjunct appointment at QUT and have been a partner investigator on three grants funded by the Australian Research Commission – each with Steve Ritchie asChiefInvestigator. My collaborative work the following grants has provided opportunities for me to spend extended periods of time at QUT in what has been ongoing productive research.

2008-2010. Co-principal investigator. Emotional transitions: Exploring professional transitions of science teachers. (CE: Steve Ritchie). Australian Research Council Discovery Grant. DP0984394: $250,000.

2011-2014. Co-principal investigator. Emotional learning in socioscientific issues for enhancement of scientific literacy. (CE: Steve Ritchie). Australian Research Council Linkage Grant. LP110200368: $200,000.

2012-2014. Co-principal investigator. Eventful learning in quality pre-service science teacher education. (CE: Ritchie with Tobin, Bellocchi, & King). Australian Research Council Discovery Grant.DP120100369:$185,000.

The following publications are associated with this research:

Tobin, K., Ritchie, S. R., Hudson, P., Oakley, J., & Mergard, V. (2013). Relationships between emotional climate and the fluency of classroom interactions. Learning Environments Research, 16, 71-89. DOI: 10.1007/s10984-013-9125-y

Ritchie, S. M., Tobin, K., Sandhu,M., Sandhu,S., Henderson,S., & Roth W.-M. (2013). Emotional arousal of beginning physics teachers during extended experimental investigations. Journal of Research in Science Teaching, 50, 137–161. DOI 10.1002/tea.21060

Tobin, K., & Ritchie, S. M. (2011). Multi-method, multi-theoretical, multi-level research in the learning sciences. The Asia-Pacific Education Researcher, 20(3),117-129.

Ritchie, S. M., Tobin, K., Hudson, P., Roth, W.-M., Oakley, J., & Mergard, V. (2011). Reproducing successful rituals in bad times: Exploring emotional interactions of a new science teacher. Science Education, 95, 746-765. DOI 10.1002/sce.20440

Presently I have a grant proposal under the consideration of ARC –click hereto download a PDF version of the research proposal for the Australian Laureate award

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