Contemplative Inquiry

Martial Arts

Mariana Tarrago was my teacher (4th degree Black Belt) of Kenpo Karate, at a dojo in South Amboy, NJ.I was a student from 2011 when I began my journey into martial arts, beginning with a White belt and suspending my practice in July, 2015, having attained the rank of Brown belt (3rd degree).

In November of 2015 I commenced Aikido and joined the Red Bank, NJ dojo. I was fortunate to have numerous teachers, especially Lee Alexander. Due to a hand injury and lack of flexibility Isuspended my practice after several months and began to learn Qigong. It is my goal to pursue Qigong as a martial art and a wellness program that will complement my studies of Jin Shin Jyutsu.

Kenneth Tobin 2015