Contemplative inquiry as a frame for transformative research.Presented Friday Dec 6, 2019 at USER-S, Graduate Center of CUNY.Presentation slides

Research frameworks are dynamic, ever-evolving to incorporate continuous productionassociated with ongoing social inquiry. I explore how emerging understandings of being, in acontext of meditation, mindfulness and contemplative practices (e.g., compassion, suffering,emptiness, presence, awakening) are central to researching and transforming educating for wellness, wellbeing, and sustainability. Specific mantras I address include: act to benefit all; dono harm; and benefit from critique while not getting stuck.

Here is a video tape, recorded on Zoom, that I copied as I spoke remotely. Alternatively, a video was also taken in the room itself. It can be downloaded from here.

Envisioning the future: The role of STEM Education in Educational Reform. International conference in Mauritius, November, 2019.

Keynote address: Research on knowing oneself: An imperative for transforming STEM education.

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University of Texas Rio Grande Valley STEM Education Consortium2nd Annual STEM Education ConferenceCasa de Palmas HotelMcAllen, TexasFebruary 7-9 2019Challenging our Assumptions:Towards TransformativePractices in STEM Education

I am a keynote speaker and will deliver the following address:

The roles of contemplative practices in harmonizing sustainable lifestyles and educating citizens on a pre-birth through death continuum

I begin with a review of our research on meditation, mindfulness, expressed emotions, and physiological variability while teaching. Then, through the theoretical lenses of polyvagal theory and several complementary wellness-related knowledge systems, I present an event from our ongoing research in which a teacher displayed low levels of blood oxygenation. Apparently, as she taught, her autonomic nervous system switched from parasympathetic to sympathetic functioning as oxygenation levels in her blood dropped. As well as changes in prosody and facial expression of emotion being consistent with her body operating in fight-flight mode, the teacher also was breathing through her mouth. This led to studies of breathing and production of nitric oxide in humans, its benefits, and desirability of breathing in and out through the nose. Finally, complementary uses of Jin Shin Jyutsu, Integrated Iridology, and Acupuncture identified health projects, such as low stomach acid, that are frequently undiagnosed, untreated, and sources of widespread dis-ease. In conclusion, I present two interventions, a breathing heuristic and a meditation activity that incorporates nasal breathing and humming during the outbreath, as examples of authentic inquiry addressing how to transform lifestyles based on what we learn from ongoing research.

Keywords: reflexivity, mindfulness, meditation, wellness, multilogicality, nasal breathing, nitric oxide, hydrochloric acid, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Integrated Iridology, Acupuncture

Download a PDF file of my Powerpoint presentation.

Download video files for descriptions/demonstrations of pranayama, kundalini and dynamic meditation.

Presentations in Nepal 2018

YouTube version of my Keynoteaddress in Nepal 2018.

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Research at Osho Tapoban, in Nepal.

I have undertaken an 8-day meditation retreat to further my research on emotion, mindfulness and wellness. Forthcoming research will explore dynamic meditation, Kundalini meditation, and Pranayama yoga in relation to expressed emotion and wellness on the life - birth continuum, especially in urban centers. Present research will extend to include death education. See the attached slide show on Death Park— recently established at Osho Tapoban.

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